Anglian Water Award Radio Data Network’s FDT Further Contracts to Deliver 2-Minute EDM for Critical CSO Overflows


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28th October 2017

Anglian Water Award Radio Data Network’s FDT Further Contracts to Deliver 2-Minute EDM for Critical CSO Overflows

The FDT (flow Detection Transducer) which has already played a critical part in Anglian Water’s EDM1 programme for CSO overflows since 2012 has now been selected to play a key part of their EDM2 programme to monitor the duration of spills at critical CSOs where 2-minute reporting is now mandated by the UK Government’s pollution watchdog the Environment Agency (EA).

Key to the FDT being selected has been sighted as its ability to work almost anywhere thanks to its independence from the cellular networks and the use of secure Ofcom licenced radio spectrum. This is apparently of particular importance as the industry across the UK as been reporting a marked decline in 2G, GPRS and 3G coverage from 2016/2017 during the upgrade of many regions to 4G

In addition the FDTs data is presented as a simply flow/no-flow binary signal via its Gateway Receiver as volt free contacts. This makes it ideal for interfacing to exiting telemetry / SCADA without the need for investment in software, SIM cards or the fear of cyber attack.

Finally, the FDT has proven industry leading reliability, with many hundreds of units exceeding 5-years in service life without a single failure due to premature failure or moisture ingress!

As reported in our press release earlier this month, the FDT is future proof through its ability to report in virtual real-time making it ideal for real-time control and mitigation strategies. These can include dry weather CSO spill containment, such as the CSO containment valve featured opposite installed in the Anglian Water region in 2013.

Fact Comparison Table:

FDT v.s. Traditional GSM/GPRS + Ultrasonic Combination

Parameter FDT GSM/GPRS + Ultrasonic Head Notes:
Sampling Rate

2-Minute EDM Compatible


2.5 seconds

Yes with limitations

2 or 15-min

The FDT reporting rate is set by the associated Booster or Gateway
Health Message Yes No Every 4-minutes
Telemetry Interface Relay / Volt Free Web / Login FDT offers 100% Cyber security
Deployment Depth 4m and 10m 3m
Real-Time Data & Control Yes No Direct Link to Pumps and valve Controls
Battery life 7-10 years 6-16mths
IP68 + 100% Potted Design for Constant Submersion Yes Partial
Field Programming Not Required Yes FDT Trigger set by cable ties
Confined Space Entry Not Normally Required Yes FDT Normally installed from the surface – no brackets required
Visual Verifiable Trigger Point Yes No FDT is easy to align with spill channel
Live Drive-By Status Report to Vehicle Yes No
Location Function Yes No
SIM Card Required No Yes
Impact protection IK07 ?
Communication Options Licenced Radio

Tetra / DMR


100% Cyber Secure Internet Free Options Yes No – Requires GPRS/ 3G IP Backbone Relay Option to existing Outstation and SCADA


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