Licenced Radio & CNoT Experiencing Rapid Growth


With the on going issues in the world of IoT over cyber security and responsibility, plus the continued patchy coverage, blackouts and congestion issues experienced with cellular and jamming on SRD unlicensed radio channels at 458MHz, we are seeing a steady growth of customers in the mission critical space option for a licenced telemetry and CNoT solutions.

Critical network of things CNoTAlready adopted by 5-Utilites, the Channel Islands and last week the Isle of Scilly, plus the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and the NHS, confidence in our technology has never been higher, with over 200-million messages delivered annually.

Completely isolated from the Internet and able to send regular health messages, our systems are in a league of their own compared to IoT or cellular. Further we do not ask people to invest in new back office SCADA or subscribe to some cloud based application as data can be ported via our secure Gateways to existing infrastructure without fear of compromise.