BDT Sewer Alarm Sensors Notch up Over 2.5-Billion Readings in 5-Years and Countless Happy Customers


Astonishing is it may sound but the BDT Blocked Sewer Alarm transmitter has surpassed all others in achieving over 5-years of continuous 24/7/365 reporting across thousands of locations, without a single reported premature battery failure.

Now the mainstay of 5-Utilites, the NHS, commercial and industry alike, the BDT is to our knowledge the only device on the market that offers true real-time reporting of blockages and flooded sewers.

Blocked Sewer Alarm Installed

Blocked Sewer Alarm Installed

Radio Data Networks, CEO Brian M Back put the longevity down to both sound top down design coupled with the use of high quality Saft Batteries. He recently stated “On my travels I have received numerous compliments from field operatives at the sharp end about the BDT concerning its simplicity of deployment, robustness through to ease of use”.

The BDT can be used locally with the Sewer Sentinel Receiver or a local Gateway that connects to an existing alarm or BMS system. Alternatively over wider expanses  can be connected with ease to form part of our wide area Critical Network of Things (CNoT) the network that is 100% Cyber Secure and independent of the Internet.