Brian M Back

WWEM 2016 Success Story


Well done to the organisers of WWEM 2016 a big success all round from IWA and SWIG conferences through to the first night’s Gala Dinner and awards. A shining example of how an exhibition should be!

We would also like to thank the attendees of the IWA and SWIG conferences for the very high level of positive feedback and support received during the delivery of our two conference papers.

Our first paper on the Critical Network of Things abbreviated to CNoT, certainly touched on a raw nerve and was in tune with the current spate of issues concerning cyber security related to IoT and the BBC reports of the lack of coverage, durability and dependability of the cellular networks.

The paper highlighted the urgent need for applications to be either classified as critical or non-critical in order for industries not to fall foul of the European Critical Asset Infrastructure Directive 2008/114/EC when selecting a technology. It also introduced to a wider audience the “protection triangle” concept of detect, delay and respond. Finally, the paper went on to cover many of the unique challenges faced by the water industry due to the nature and position of the assets, the vast majority of which are subterranean.

Transcripts of the presentations can be obtained by contacting the International Water Association.

The second paper was presented at the SWIG conference and presented a design morphology geared towards the design and deployment of sensors and communications geared towards the Water & Wastewater Industry. Again it touched on issues from cyber security however went into more depth concerning issues related to the need to environmental harden products, battery technology and ATEX.

Transcripts of this presentation can be downloaded freely from the Sensors in Water Interests Group website at