STM Storm Tank Monitoring System Reduces Flooding and Carbon Footprint


Fully compatible with the BDT and FDT technology, Radio Data Networks has expanded its range of real-time monitoring solutions to include hydrostatic pressure based Storm Tank Monitoring system called the STM.

Already in service with one the UK’s progressive Water Utilities, the STM is easy to retro-fit to virtually any underground storm tank or SuDS chamber in a matter of minutes.

Like the BDT sewer alarm, the STM system has a long battery life of almost a decade. Further, unlike ultrasonics which can be blinded by high water levels, the system can withstand total submersion without damage. Further still like the BDT the STM reporting rate is in virtual real-time straight back to existing telemetry via a standard RDN Gateway Receiver at 5-minute intervals over RDN’s secure Ofcom licenced data network.

The Gateway Receiver can be configured to output the level as either or both a 4-20mA analogue level or via a digital trip level relay.


Correctly used the STM can help deliver a significant reduction of flooding through triggering advanced tank emptying. Similarly for attenuation tanks it can be used demonstrate the actual storage rate and to warn of outflow blockages. Finally, the system can be used to reduce carbon footprint through targeted emptying.

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