Radio Data Networks and SWIG

Sensors for Challenging Locations – SWIG Paper at WWEM


Founder and CEO of Radio Data Networks, Brian M Back, is to present an paper at the forthcoming SWIG (Sensors in Water Interest Group) to be held in parallel with Day 2 of this year’s WWEM Exhibition at Telford.

The SWIG conference this year is focusing on the design and deployment of sensors in the water and wastewater sectors and in particular will look at resilience, reliability and durability of sensors and the challenges faced in particular in the water and wastewater sectors. Mr Back’s paper in particular will focus on the Challenges and will feature some of his award winning technology that originally was pioneered for rail and the electricity supply sectors that has now been deployed with great success in the Wastewater to detect the operation of CSO overflows, sewer blockages and high levels in sewers.