Hospital Blocked sewer alarms

BDT Sewer Alarms Join the Battle against the Spread of Infection in the NHS


Radio Data Networks receives positive feedback from NHS concerning deployments of BDT Blocked Sewer Alarm systems in Hospitals to provide early warnings of blockages caused by wet wipes and flushed pulped bio-hazard contaminated cardboard bowels, bedpans, etc.

A spokesman for one Hospital Trust claimed that the BDT systems have paid for themselves in just a few weeks through detecting a number of major blockages before they became spills. Other trusts have commented on the simplicity with which the BDTs are retrofitted and the alarm signals interfaced to their BMS system via Gateway Receivers.

As a consequence of this success the company has seen a 300% increase in sales in the Healthcare sector for its BDT and its new stack monitoring transmitter the SMT since the start of 2016.