Sewer and CSO Monitoring and Alarm Systems

Anglian Water Commits to Expand its RDN CSO and Sewer Monitoring System


Already without doubt the largest system of its kind in Europe, Anglian Water confirmed today as part of its AMP6 investment programme in pollution reduction and bathing water monitoring, expansion of its Radio Data Networks BDT blocked sewer monitoring and FDT real-time CSO event duration monitoring system.

RDN’s Managing Director and Founder, Mr Brian M Back commented ”The continued expansion of the system is most welcome and vindicates our commitment to the use of real-time radio telemetry for communications, rather than cellular or internet based technology.”

He added “Not only does radio-telemetry reduce cost, but it permits customers like Anglian to proactively use the data to reduce pollutions through real-time control of pumps and valves”.

Since its introduction in 2010 the BDT and FDT sensor designs on which the system is based, have been deployed globally from Moscow to Pennsylvania. Further, the BDT has become the Blocked Sewer Sensor of choice for the Healthcare sector in the UK with its adoption by numerous NHS Trusts and Facility Management companies.

26th October 2016