Mission Critical Data via TETRA, DMR and PMR to hit the London Flood Show in October:


For those looking for a cyber secure alternative to GSM, 3G, 4G and IoT; the TETRA, DMR and PMR networks may be your saviour.

Trusted by the Emergency Services across the globe, TETRA, DMR and PMR networks are proven to offer key advantages over other networks, especially where there is a need for priority on critical messages, health messages, peer to peer communications and total isolation from the internet. Protection from a cyber-attack is at the core of this established method of communication.

Using a ‘Data Gateway’ various types of Mission Critical Data and Alarms can be carried over the networks. Unlike cellular data, it can be delivered in real-time, locally or broadcast to numerous receiver locations making the networks highly robust. Triple redundancy is also available – another advantage! Similarly, unlike IoT where anybody can jam a network either by accident or deliberately, the networks are fully protected, backed and enforced with strict criminal sanctions by Government.

Combined with the security, deliverability and verification benefits, TETRA, DMR or PMR is extremely cost-effective. With costs as low as £0.0001 per message and with service level agreements available, the economic returns can outweigh the other forms of communication on commercial viability and cost evaluation alone.

We caution that before hanging your valuable reputation on a piece of plastic that would be perhaps more at home in your children’s phone, ask yourself, is the use of a SIM card really the right choice for my critical data or alarms? Our extensive client base has already answered this, with our Gateways currently delivering over 200 million messages a year across the UK.

If this is the solution you are looking for, or simply have some questions to see whether it really is the right choice for your application, then why not call us on +44(0)1279 600 440 or e-mail sales@radio-data-networks.com for further information.  Alternatively, visit us at the London Flood Expo between the 12-13th October at the Excel Exhibition Centre, stand number F752.

Brian M Back BEng(Hons) CEng FIET MIoD

Founder Radio Data Networks