Affordable and proven 2-Minute Monitoring of CSO event durations without the need to install mains power at the CSO


The Radio Data Networks FDT flow detection transducer for CSO EDM is now available with a 2-minute reporting mode making it fully compliant with the Environment Agencies requirements of critical CSO Monitoring.  Unlike other systems that claim to comply, the FDT actually monitors the status of the CSO every 5-seconds and then once sustained activity has been observed for > 30-seconds starts reporting. When used in conjunction with one of our network boosters the signal can be picked and broadcast back into existing telemetry and SCADA over distances of many km and can also be used to operate containment valves in dry weather if a blockage is causing the spill.

There is also a new in-works version of the FDT that can broadcast over distances of up to 500m straight from the CSO without the need of a Booster/repeater back to the telemetry Gateway Receiver.

The FDT also has the ability to operate local battery powered cameras in order to permit the monitoring of the CSO’s screen for blinding, a particular and growing problem since the mandating of 6mm meshes.

Finally, FDTs can be installed in parallel with legacy analogue systems to provide an accurate trigger point for the start and stop of an event, thereby overcoming the issues associated with the typical ultrasonic transducer whereby the inaccuracy of +/- 10mm can lead to either false positive or negative reporting.

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