100km Radio Telemetry Launch at Utility Week Live


Long Range Radio Telemetry

Long Range Radio Telemetry

Radio Data Networks Limited are pleased to announce that they will be launching their new PMR based radio telemetry system capable of communications over distances of up to 100km without the use of repeaters. The system is configurable for battery, solar, wind and mains operation.

Following the company’s tradition of keeping things simple, the system will be fully self configuring without the need for software or programming easing service in the field. Further, testability has been enhanced by the addition of an optional push to talk voice channel, something deemed essential for operation in remote areas devoid of cellular coverage.

Managing Director & founder of Radio Data Networks, Brian M Back added just 25-years ago we were all falsely lead to believe that cellular technology would bring about the death of radio telemetry, but this was not to be the case. We are finding more and more customers coming to us from both industry and the utility sectors frustrated with coverage issues, rising costs, unpredictable battery life and also fearful of outages due to cyber attack. Our systems already deliver over 100-million message per annum and the numbers are growing by the day.

The system which is fully certified to EN 300-113 / MPT1327 and FCC-Part 90 is available for operation on either VHF or UHF spectrum. Derivatives can also be configured to operate as transparent radio modems supporting protocols such as Modbus and DNP3 over channel widths as small of 6.25 KHz. Further, units can be configured to operate in point-to-point and star-hub scanning modes.

For further details of our new and growing portfolio of radio telemetry, pollution prevention and mitigation solutions, please join us at Utility Week Live on stand F1 or visit  www.radio-data-networks.com.

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