Staff Achieve National Water Hygiene Passports


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2nd March 2015

Radio Data Networks

Staff Achieve National Water Hygiene Passports

Radio Data Networks Limited is pleased to announce today that their entire team of field operatives have passed with flying colours the EUSR National Water Hygiene Scheme examination.

Managing Director Brian M Back stated that having our team not only aware of water hygiene but also fully qualified is imperative for the future expansion of our business into the area of potable water supply monitoring.

He further stated, following our success in Wastewater we have been seeing a steady growth in interest from the water supply and distribution sector, in particular in areas of remote asset security and leakage.

We exhibited at last month’s Corporate Water Risk event in London where it was very apparent from the number of top executives present that there was growing concern over the impact of loss of supply and contamination on both business continuity and brand reputation.

Potable water assets are no more challenging to monitor than those of the wastewater sector, most are remote, without power and subterranean. Furthermore the notion of running cables and drilling holes is a process which itself is risky as it can create paths for the entry of vermin and substantially increases the risk of damage from lightning strike.

With millions of accumulated hours of service in the wastewater sector, we have already been able to demonstrate successfully that our equipment is robust and fully capable of operating in permanently damp environments on batteries for many years.

For further details of our new and growing portfolio of water asset security products, please visit our new website at

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Press Release – Radio Data Networks National Water Hygiene Scheme