Radio Data Networks Becomes ICOM Commercial Products Distributor


Radio Data Networks Limited is pleased to announce today that they have been appointed as a Commercial Reseller and PMR Systems Integrator on behalf of ICOM UK Ltd.

Managing Director Brian M Back stated that the relationship with ICOM will permit us and our customers to have access to one of the world’s finest and probably most diverse range of voice and data PMR radio products.

ICOM Ltd Authorised Dealer

Radio Data Networks become ICOM Authorised Reseller  & Integrator

Mr Back stated that RDN already has probably the UK’s largest deployment of PMR based radio telemetry and alarm systems in the wastewater industry. ICOM’s technology coupled with our unique in-house system integration service will permit us to extend our network much further to the boundaries of our national Ofcom licence. Unlike cellular, we will be able to offer real-time data and/or control into the remotest of areas for a fixed annual fee irrespective of the number of messages!

He added, we already have a plethora of smart sensors compatible with the radios, software packages and interfaces that permits data to be imported and exported to 3rd party systems, such as BMS, telemetry outstations and SCADA.

With up to 25W power* readily available and the ability to operate on 6.25KHz, 12.5KHz and 25KHz channels we should be able to construct links over distances of up to 100km. Approvals include EN-300-113, FCC-Part 90 and ATEX.

For further details of our new and growing portfolio of products, please visit our new website at

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Radio Data Networks Limited


Belinda Cepe

Marketing Director

Note           * Use of PMR radio is subject to obtaining a licence for the country of use.

For a full copy of the transcript download here Press Release – Radio Data Networks ICOM Commercial Reseller