Radio Data Networks – UVDB Registration


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15th December 2014

Radio Data Networks Join the Achilles UVDB


Radio Data Networks UDBV Registered


No 174631


Radio Data Networks Limited is pleased to announce today that they have been accepted onto the Achilles UVDB vendor database. Managing Director Brian M Back stated “Joining Achilles was a decision taken by the Board to simplify our customer’s procurement process, in particular those from the Water and Rail sectors which often exclusively refer to Achilles as their first point of call.”


Mr Back also stated “We have invested significant amounts of time and money over the last 4-years in R&D to expand our portfolio and the use of our Ofcom licenced communications channel. The latter we consider particularly important as we have noticed that investment in remote telemetry has been stagnating due to the lack of universal cellular network coverage and the pending obsolescence due to the rollout of 4G”.


Furthermore, he stated “Joining Achilles at this time makes a great deal of sense as the Water Industry is now embarking on its AMP6 investment programme”.


For further details of our new and growing portfolio of products, please visit our new website at




For and on behalf of

Radio Data Networks Limited




Belinda Cepe

Marketing Director

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