Radio Data Networks Joins Achilles UVDB


We are please to announce that Radio Data Networks Limited from the 15th December became a fully registered supplerĀ on the Achilles UVDB vendor database under the following categories.

1.4.1 Telecommunications Equipment & Accessories

1.4.4 Telecommunication Transmission Equipment

1.4.5 Telemetry Equipment

1.4.6 SCADA & Telecontrol Equipment

1.4.9 Antennae/Aerial Masts

1.10.18 Pollution Control Equipment

1.55.16 Condition Monitoring Products (Rail)

2.9.11 Security Equipment Installation & Maintenance

3.1.2 Flood Defence/Landscaping Building Products

3.2.2 Control & Instrumentation Systems & Spares

3.2.5 Instrumentation & Associated Equipment

3.2.7 Detection/Monitoring Equipment

3.2.24 Level meters

3.5.5 Transformer Ancillary Equipment

3.13.1 Water Meters

3.13.20 Energy Meter Equipment for District Heating/Cooling

3.54.10 Buoys

4.8.1 Control & Instrumentation Services

4.10.1 Water Meter Maintenance & Repair Services

4.99.32 Monitoring Services

For further details of these and any of the associated sub-categories not listed here please call our office or e-mail or sales department.

Radio Data Networks UDBV Registered

Radio Data Networks UDBV Registered