RDN and Meteor Communications Working Together


It was agreed last week during a face to face meeting at Meteor Communications St Albans head quarters that both companies would work together and share technology for the greater good of the businesses and their customers. This collaboration will help to plug the gap in communications between that offered by Meteor’s meteor scatter communications and GPRS and similarly permit RDN to host data on the growingly popular web servers used extensively by the Environment Agency and others.

The Managing directors of both companies have previously had a long standing relationship spanning the best part of 20-years and though it was high time that something more formal was put in place to satisfy the growing demand for customers for common communication and hosting platforms

Amongst the join ventures discussed was the “event trigger” enabling of Meteor’s new GPRS CCTV camera in order to conserve power using Radio Data Networks BDT level sensors, their FDT flow sensors or one of their wireless security devices. Using this combination  it is though that battery life could be extended from months to years without the need for solar assistance.