Radio Data Networks Radio Telemetry Products


Our Products and Systems have been built for simplicity of installation, testability, service and maintenance. The vast majority are modular and true plug and play enabling customers to service, maintain and re-configure systems without complex programming and configuration tools.

We believe that everything should work out of the box and be environmentally hardened. When we state IP68 we mean total indefinite submersion for days and even years.

With our Modular System Plug and Play is Plug and Work Straight Away without the need for programming and software.

Testability is something we have built into all products – we have tools and operating modes that permit messages can be monitored / sniffed/ evaluated in real-time.

Real-Time we don’t believe in autopsy reports like the data logger vendors. Our data is as real-time as you can get and it doesn’t have to go via some distant cloud, it can be delivered straight to the field for control and mitigation purposes.

Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal