Leaders in Remote Sensing & Monitoring, Telemetry, Real-Time Control, Security and Asset Status in the Water, Wastewater, Environmental, Industrial, Rail and Road Transport Sectors. UK Designed and Manufactured Technology backed with over 30-years of sector experience with deployments that already deliver over 250-Million messages per annum. We design and deliver real-time control solutions to mitigate events such as pollution, sewer overload and CSO overflow spills.

We are framework suppliers to the Utility Sectors and in the UK supply Government Bodies such as the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Local Authorities. We also supply solution to the heavy industrial sector, hospitals and to protect other critical national infrastructure assets.

Solutions Include:

  • Mission Critical IoT
  • Borehole Monitoring
  • Radio Telemetry & Real-Time Control
  • Combined Sewer Overflow Monitoring,
  • River & Flood Alarms
  • Iridium Satellite SBD Telemetry and IoT
  • Pollution: PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity Monitoring
  • Trash Screen Monitoring (Blinding)

Our Expertise:

  • Licenced Radio Networks
  • Point-To-Point Telemetry Links
  • Wide Area Telemetry
  • Iridium Satellite SBD Telemetry and IoT
  • SCADA and Telemetry Gateways
  • Real-Time Control

Custom Services:

  • Bespoke Telemetry Solutions Designed
  • Site Surveys
  • Custom Design
  • Data Hosting
  • Data Forwarding
  • Data Interfacing
  • Sensor Design

Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal