Radio Data Networks provide Measurement, Monitoring, Reporting, Control and Alarms over Secure Radio Channels without SIM cards or connection to the Internet – Mission Critical IoT and Telemetry, the Critical Network of Things CNoT in line with the European Critical Asset Infrastructure Directive 2008/114/EC. With decades of experience our multi-award winning technology can be found deployed across the Utility, Industrial, Commercial and the Health Care Sectors protecting Assets, Infrastructure and the Environment for which we already deliver over 200-million messages per annum.

IoT Critical Network of Things

Example of a Critical Network of Things

 Systems can be configured to measure and report virtually any parameter imaginable from both above and below ground. Sensors and communications can deployed in areas devoid of reliable cellular coverage, access to the internet or mains power. We include regular 5-minute health messages and instant alarm reporting, yet can achieve up to 10-years battery life, all things that IoT struggles to deliver.

We have Data Gateways provide a unique 100% cyber secure interface into BMS, Telemetry and SCADA, these have been adopted by 5-Utilities, 2-Government Agencies, scores of public bodies and private companies operating in the “Mission Critical” sector. Data can be used for simple remote monitoring, real-time local control and autonomous incident mitigation. We even offer data over networks such as TETRA and DMR Tier 3 for which we have networks operating in Belgium and the Netherlands.


 Applications Include:

  •  Mission Critical Status ReportingRadio Data Networks at Flood and Coast 2017 Stand B67
  •  Critical Asset Protection – Security, Flooding, Fault & Condition Monitoring
  •  River Level, Flood Alarms & Flood Barrier Control
  •  Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)Event Duration Monitoring with 2 or 5-minute Resolution
  •  Blocked Sewer Alarms for Buildings from Hospitals and Industrial Complexes
  •  Sewer Network Blockage Monitoring, Event Mitigation & Pump Control
  •  Boreholes & Groundwater Monitoring and Security
  •  Pollution Monitoring and Mitigation – Valves and Pump Control
  •  Storm Tank Level Monitoring – Alarms and Control
  •  Real-Time Control SystemsUtility Week Like 2017 Radio Data Networks
  • Bespoke Radio Telemetry Systems from 4-20mA to SDI-12

 Mission Critical IoT – CNoT

  • Regular Health Messages – Standard
  • Local Real-Time Control – Options
  • Direct Interface with Legacy Systems – Standard
  • Multiple Receiver Locations – Option
  • 100% Cyber Secure – Guaranteed
  • No Connection  to the Internet
  • No SIM Cards
  • Long Battery Life – Up to 20-year
  • Licenced and Exclusive Radio Spectrum
  • Control over Whole NetworkIFSEC Borders & Infrastructure 2017 Radio Data Networks Limited
  • No Third Party Clouds or Servers
  • Full Ownership of Data


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