The art of remote monitoring, control and telemetry without SIM Cards or the Internet of Things! With over 30-years experience we currently provide real-time remote monitoring and control solutions for a wide range of industry sectors including the Utilities, Rail, Facility Management, Manufacturing to the Environment, with systems that are Cyber Secure and operate on Private Radio Spectrum.

We work with what you have! Using our industry proven “Gateways” we currently deliver over 200-million sets of field data to existing outstations, building management systems, telemetry and/or SCADA without the need for modification or compromising client security.

Where there are no communication we will provide it! If there is no power we offer long term battery operation for both sensors and telemetry with battery lives measured in decades. Where conditions are challenging we offer solutions sealed to IP68 and able to withstand impacts to IK08. If there is a risk from a potentially explosive atmosphere we offer solutions to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Finally, where there is no current solution we will create one, over 50% of our systems have some form of bespoke element, from sensors to operating strategy.

Applications Include

  • Combined Sewer Overflow Event Duration Monitoring with 2 or 5-minute Resolution
  • Blocked Sewer Alarms for Buildings from Hospitals to Office Complexes
  • Sewer Network Blockage Monitoring, Event Mitigation & Pump Control
  • River Level, Flood Alarms & Flood Barrier Control
  • Critical Infrastructure Security & Asset Monitoring
  • Pollution Monitoring and Mitigation

Wastewater Consultancy and CSO Event Durartion Monitoring

Building Facility management temperature monitoring L8 auditing

Environmental Protection, Monitoring & Consultancy Services

Flood River and Groundwater Monitoring and alarms



Radio Telemetry & Radio Modems

Sewage alarms sump alarms and sewer monitoring



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Sales & orders

Please call your local distributor for prices on products, systems and solutions. Spares and accessories may also be purchased through our online web portal